We provide advice and legal assistance (criminal, administrative and civil) in the field of food law, and in particular:

  • food labeling and composition: through a team of lawyers and technicians and a leading international network, we provide assistance to leading national and multinational companies in more than 90 target markets on the proper formulation and labeling of food products;
  • classification of new foods/ingredients: we help our clients identify the best market entry strategies for regulated products (e.g., dietary supplements, additives, novel foods);
  • crisis management (product recalls): we help our clients with all aspects of food alert management, including communication with the media and relationship management with customers, suppliers and consumers;
  • fraud prevention: we can assist our clients in analyzing the supply chain and potential vulnerabilities in order to implement mitigation strategies, including the use of new technologies;
  • regulatory interpretation and training on food law issues.

We also assist leading international companies in the food packaging and pet food sectors.

Areas of expertise